The Best Fruits with Vitamin C That Helps in Increasing our Immunity

Vitamin-C acts as an antioxidant, which also actively works to increase our immunity. Vitamin C strengthens our immunity. Consumption of it reduces the risk of cold, cough, and many other infections. Vitamin C also protects against various types of cancer. The antioxidant found in vitamin C prevents white blood cells from damaging them so that they can do their work as well as prevents problems caused by pollution, stress, or bad eating. The vitamin c fruits have multiple benefits.

Benefits of Vitamin C

It can reduce the risk of cancer and can improve your eyesight. May also decrease cholesterol levels in the blood. Keeps your skin healthy Vitamin C protects against free radicals. Also prevents many serious diseases. Vitamin C deficiency can cause a disease called scurvy, in which symptoms such as body fatigue, muscle weakness, joint and muscle pain, bleeding gums, and skin rashes are seen. It is found in excess in the following vitamin c fruits:


Myrobalan, rich in vitamin-C, is beneficial for eyes, hair, and skin. Myrobalan is very beneficial in case of acidity. Taking myrobalan powder, mixed with sugar, eating, or drinking in water provides relief from acidity. Apart from this, drinking myrobalan juice helps to get rid of all stomach problems. Myrobalan proves to be an effective remedy for stones problem also. If there is a deficiency of hemoglobin in the blood, taking myrobalan juice daily is very beneficial. 



Orange fruits are rich in carbohydrates, calcium, iron, phosphorus, and vitamin C. The specialty of orange is that the fructose, dextrose, minerals, and vitamins present in it start giving energy as soon as it reaches the body. Due to this, resistance to the body starts increasing. Orange is a very good natural source of vitamins and this vitamin is very important for the body. This fruit not only gives vitamin C, but it is also rich in essential antioxidants. These antioxidants help reduce inflammation in the body as well as prevent it. These fruits are known to prevent free radicals from forming. These free radicals cause unnecessary oxidation and are not beneficial to the body.


Strawberries have very high antioxidant properties and are accompanied by polyphenol compounds, which may prove beneficial for health. The vitamin C present in it is also helpful in taking care of your skin and hair. Strawberry fruit is also called low-calorie fruit, which you can also consume for weight loss. A cup of strawberries contains about 40 -50 calories. Also, after eating strawberries rich in fiber, your stomach is full for a long time.



Lemon is considered a better source of vitamin C. Besides, it also contains small amounts of various vitamins such as riboflavin, thiamine, vitamin B6, niacin, folate, and vitamin-E. It gives relief in the bad throat, constipation, kidney and gum problems as well as it reduces blood pressure and stress. This fruit not only makes the skin healthy, but it is also better for the liver. Lemon water is helpful in digestion, balancing weight, and preventing many cancers. 

Citrus fruits like lemons, oranges, and strawberries are some of the diets in which vitamin C is found in abundance. For better health and better skin, you must include them in your diet in one form or the other.